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Every September, World Alzheimer's Month campaigns to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. Launched in 2012, the international World Alzheimer's Day is on 21st September each year. 

With someone developing dementia every three seconds, World Alzheimer's Month a chance to talk about dementia and show that you are part of a growing number of people all around the world who are working to improve the lives of people with dementia and their families. As dementia is diagnosed earlier in the disease course, those living with dementia are also more likely to remain active in society.

The impact of World Alzheimer's Month is growing, but the stigmatisation and misinformation that surrounds dementia remains a global problem, that requires global action. Dementia is the leading cause of disability and dependency among the elderly. 

Founder Katie and her family know the challenges that Alzheimer's can bring all to well having been a carers for her Nan who passed away last month on her 96th Birthday.

Katie explains that "our aim was to keep Nan as independent as possible for as long as possible - she was very clear this was what she wanted. She lost all strength and had no feeling in her fingers which made fastening buttons particularly difficult. She loved our Velcro shirts for this very reason and even well into her nineties, she remained able to dress herself with the help of the easier dressing clothes. But, her favourite item of all was the Lilly Luxury Cape as having lost a lot of weight, she would feel the cold but find it hard to take jumpers on and off".

The Able Label works very closely with Alzheimer’s Society. We develop our new ranges alongside them speaking to individuals with Alzheimer's as well as those caring for them. You can read the feedback from our latest visit to a group in the Dementia Together Magazine.

We will be continuing to donate to the charity and 100% of profits from The Able Label clothes sold by Alzheimer’s Society help to fight dementia! You can visit the Alzheimer's Society shop online here.

Alzheimer’s Society is there for anyone affected by dementia. They provide expert information and support to anyone affected. If you’d like to talk to someone for information, support or advice call their National Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 11 22.

September 18, 2018 by The Able Label Team

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