This October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, helping to encourage fundraising, volunteering and most importantly, support for those affected.

If you are about to have breast or chest surgery, it’s crucial to find the right bra to take into hospital and wear in the weeks immediately after your operation. It is not only crucial for effective support but will boost your confidence and keep you feeling you.

Fit for purpose

We understand that lately it is not so easy to have an bra fitting with an expert. We are here to guide you as to how you can check the bra fit yourself! This will ensure that your bra is beautifully comfortable, and that the band won’t be too tight immediately post-surgery and to allow for your increased or decreased cup size (where relevant).

Here are our self fitting top tips ~

❀  The band of the bra should fit snugly around your ribs and not ride up at the back

❀  Your breast(s) should be fully enclosed within the cup of the bra, with no bulges or wrinkles

❀  If you are going to have breast augmentation or reduction, allow for the cup size you will have after surgery (with some space for post-operative swelling)

❀  Fit your bra on one of the middle fastenings, giving you the chance to loosen or tighten the bra if you need to

❀  If you wear a prosthesis, fit the bra to your natural breast and make sure the bra is supporting it well – especially if you have recently lost or gained weight

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Bra Fit Guide | The Able Label

Which bra is right for me?

Depending on your procedure, your surgeon will talk to you about the best style of bra to wear after the operation. Some surgeons advise wearing a sports bra – probably because they offer light compression and are often non-wired. However, many believe it’s best to wear a bra that is specifically designed for the immediate post-surgery period.

The bras we'd recommend as most suitable for wearing straight after surgery are – 1010 and 1020 Comfi-Bra and the 1008 and 2008 Silver Post Surgery Bra. As well as being wire free, they also have light compression to help reduce swelling and promote healing and front fasteners for ease of access and dressing. See below for more details ~


The 1008 Post Surgery Bra

The Silver Post Surgery Bra is specifically designed to help care for your surgery site. Containing real silver fibre, with anti-bacterial properties the 1008 can aid the recovery of scar tissues. The underband of this bra is designed to fit well below the root of the breast so that it does not irritate surgery scars, which is particularly helpful if you've had breast implants. Other cleaver design features include front fastening for easy dressing and access to surgery areas, Velcro straps with touch and close fastening for simple adjustment and perfect comfort, and double layer cups for added support.

Front Fastening Silver Post Surgery Popper Bra  Front Fastening Silver Post Surgery Popper Bra  Front Fastening Silver Post Surgery Popper Bra

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The 2008 Post Surgery Bra

With all the benefits of the 1008 bra, the 2008 bra has velcro fastening replacing poppers for even easier dressing.

Front Fastening Silver Post Surgery Velcro Bra  Front Fastening Silver Post Surgery Velcro Bra  Front Fastening Silver Post Surgery Velcro Bra

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The 1010 Comfi Bra

With high cotton content for breathability, the 1010 bra is ideal to take into hospital and wear home and because it is so soft, it's an ideal sleep bra too. Being front fastening, the bra is easier to reach the popper closures, avoiding fiddly hook and eye fastening.

Front Fastening Popper Bra    

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The 1020 Comfi Bra

With all the benefits of the 1010 bra, the 1020 bra has Velcro fastening replacing poppers for even easier dressing.

Front Fastening Velcro Bra     

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Continue with wire-free support

Before you know it, the post-surgery healing process will be well underway, and you will be able to choose some beautiful new bras! But why not stay wire free to stay comfortable and look beautiful?


The Zero Feel Pull On Top Bra

Experience extreme comfort with this flat seamed top with removable lightly padded cups. There are no fastening as this super-stretchy style pulls on making it perfect to wear after breast surgery healing. Available in beige and black and with optional matching knickers, they are sure to help boost your confidence.

Zero Feel Pull On Top Bra | Beige  Zero Feel Pull On Bra Top | Black

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Want More Help?

Should you need any help in finding the right bra for you - contact our customer services team who are happy to help. Email: // Call: 01622 744242.

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October 06, 2020

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