Mens adaptive outfits for spring


Spring is the season that truly puts our wardrobes to the test. Between the flurry of events and the unpredictable weather, it’s a time when both we and our clothes need to be at our most versatile.

To help you navigate this bustling season in style, we’ve curated outfits for various occasions to dress up this spring. These edits are designed to ensure your wardrobe is as ready and dynamic as your calendar.

April Showers

Be prepared to tackle the unpredictable April showers in style. One moment, you might need an extra layer to shield against the rain, and the next, you're peeling it off as the sun breaks through, making it warm and humid.

With this in mind, the Henry Casual Check VELCRO® Brand Fastening Shirt is a fantastic starting point, paired with some comfortable trousers such as the Seb Straight Fit Cotton VELCRO® Brand Fastening Chino. Finally, don't forget our customer favourite Daniel Diamond Quilted VELCRO® Brand Fastening Coat. It's your perfect companion for when the weather takes a sudden turn, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry without compromising on style.

Family dinners

Gathering around the dinner table with family is a cherished tradition, not just for Easter Sunday but throughout the spring season. For these special occasions, it's wise to have a versatile outfit that strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort.

We love the new Max Cotton Non-Iron VELCRO® Brand Fastening Shirt for these sort of events, pair it with a smart and comfortable pair of trousers like the Aubrey Straight Fit Elastic Waist Pull-On Trousers. For something a bit more casual, try out our Douglas Check VELCRO® Brand Fastening Shirt. And to seamlessly transition from indoors to outdoors, add the Jake Cotton Blend VELCRO® Brand Fastening Cardigan to your ensemble, ensuring you remain comfortable and stylish from arrival to departure.

Escaping To The Sun

If you're fortunate enough to be heading to sunnier climates this spring, feeling both confident and comfortable in the warmth is key.

We recommend kicking off your vacation wardrobe with a pair of our Bobby Elastic Waist VELCRO® Brand Fastening Shorts for unmatched ease and comfort. To complement these, add a touch of flair with our Douglas Check VELCRO® Brand Fastening Shirt. Its simple design ensures you'll look as fantastic as you feel, ready to enjoy every moment of your sun-soaked getaway.

Spring steps

Spring heralds the much-anticipated shift from indoor gatherings to the great outdoors, inviting us to revel in nature's blooming beauty. Whether your adventures lead you through undulating hills or deep into the heart of a woodland trail, comfort and adaptability in your attire are paramount.

Begin with our Aubrey Straight Fit Elastic Waist Pull-On Trousers in denim for both comfort and practicality. Add a vibrant touch with the Miles Cotton VELCRO® Brand Fastening Shirt, offering a pop of colour and additional comfort.

And don't forget to bring along one of our Jake Cotton Blend VELCRO® Brand Fastening Cardigan, the perfect layer for those moments when the sun decides to take a brief respite behind the clouds. With this ensemble, you're all set to fully embrace the outdoor splendours of spring.