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We are aware that the current period of isolation may have left many of you to face daily tasks alone, including dressing yourself or loved ones. Our main aim at The Able Label is to support you, by relieving any added stress where we can.


Camilla Seersucker Shirts 

Our NEW design additions to the best selling range of lightweight Camilla seersucker shirts are here to provide easy-wear and easy-care. 

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The 100% Cotton seersucker fabric is beautifully lightweight to give everyday effortless elegance. Both short sleeve and half sleeve styles are available, in soft stripes and on trend ginghams

Discreet VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners

Each shirt features our unique touch close, VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners which are discreetly hidden behind the front placket buttons, so that you wouldn't know otherwise. The adaptation helps to remove fiddly fastenings when dressing yourself or helping a loved one. 


☺ Easy Care ☺

We believe keeping to a daily routine is helpful to our mind and body at the moment. Whilst having time to learn new skills as well as focusing on self care, we don't want you wasting any on unnecessary washing or ironing. The Camilla seersucker fabric is quick drying and doesn't require ironing, so simply hang up after washing and wait to dry!

~ Woohoo, you're welcome !

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Stay Safe & Well,

The Able Label Team x

April 22, 2020

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