At The Able Label, our goal is to help you discover easy to dress clothing that you feel brilliant in. 

We understand that when shopping online, it is not always easy to choose the right size either for yourself or a loved one. Often it is tempting to try a few sizes with the reassurance of returning or exchanging later on. We are here to help save you the worry of heading back to the post office. Our size guides and product knowledge can help you find the right item and size first time round.

Positives of getting it right first time -

1. Save you time and hassle: Heading to the post office is not always easy and you may not have the time or access to do so.

2. Easier dressing sooner: You are able to wear your lovely new adaptive items sooner, for easier every day dressing.

3. Support our small business: Did you know that high levels of returns and exchanges can have a big impact on small businesses like The Able Label? By reducing your returns, you will also be helping to lessen the impact of the return charges and manual labour required. 

4. Reduce your environmental impact: Save wasted packaging and reduce the number of miles the parcel has to travel with just one journey.

5. Easy dressing for others: By choosing the right size for you, you will be leaving other sizes available and in stock for other customers to try!


Top tips for choosing the right style and size for you -

1. Use our detailed size guides page to match your own measurements with the right size >

2. Take time to read the product descriptions and take a look through our product images to check you are pleased with the design.

3. Have a read of our lovely customer reviews under each product page for an idea of other's experience with the style.

4. Still not sure? If you have more questions, simply get in touch with our friendly customer service team who will be more than happy to help you select the right style and size > or call 01622 744242.

February 15, 2022

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