From East With Love Photoshoot

As we all finally start to find our way in the new year and new world, we have taken a little time to reflect on the incredible past 5 years of The Able Label brand. We want to share with you a few amazing women who helped to inspire the very first range and continue to inspire us today!

The first ever Able Label photoshoot took place back in 2017 when seven lovely models, both professionals and volunteers were there to start the journey with us.

As the 'From East with Love' collection was the very first from The Able Label, it was so important for the photoshoot to clearly portray the brand mission of providing style without the struggle for all.

The five inspiring women brave enough to volunteer, shared their own stories of overcoming challenges and staying resilient throughout their lives. A true inspiration to us all, the women epitomized the mission of The Able Label, showing independence, comfort in themselves and confidence. This shone throughout the photoshoot, with each lady coming into their own, showing their individual beauty and personalities. 

In tribute to the women themselves who inspired the collection - many of the first collection items were named after the models themselves! 

Here's a little look back at of each of the wonderful women behind the range ~

Debbie (pictured in the middle, fourth from left)

Debbie is very much into arts and crafts, enjoys making cards and photography as well as being a keen traveller. She is a member and trustee of the Arthritis Action organisation. She has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was twelve. Pain is her biggest challenge and she cannot always raise her arms up or bend down. Debbie especially liked the wrap over top as “they are easily opened and closed with VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners and are easy to wear”. She also liked the trousers but looked great in the wrap skirt which has been named after her. Debbie Skirt >

Linda (pictured third from left)

Linda enjoys walking, cooking and spending time with her five grandchildren. She has osteoarthritis and currently sees a pain specialist to manage her pain. Linda until today, had been adamant the wrap styles did not suit her but with her larger bust, the wrap top and dress looked extremely flattering on. She even went on to say these two items were her favourites as they are so “ flattering, comfortable and easy to wear as well as very easy to use”. We simply had to name the Linda Jersey Wrap Top after her. Linda Wrap Top >

Su (pictured second from left)

Su lives in London and likes going to the theatre, fine food and wine as well as London history and culture. She has even started flying lessons recently! Su is twenty-four years post stroke. The stroke affected her left side resulting in a fixed flexion in her elbow limiting use of her left arm meaning dressing is with one hand. In particular, Su loved the wrap dress in gingko print navy, which looked great with black tights and Hotter brogue shoes. She commented on how comfortable the clothes were on and how they were “pretty yet practical”. The Su Jersey Wrap Dress has therefore taken on her name. Su Jersey Wrap Dress >

Imogen (pictured third from right)

Imogene loves walking, swimming, going to the gym and studying and chose to wear the white shirt with maxi skirt. Suffering a brain haemorrhage at just 19 after a hit and run accident, she has epilepsy, learning difficulties and memory impairment, especially spatial. Imogene commented on The Able Label styles saying, “I think they are brilliant! The designs are wonderful and they are perfect for those who have difficulty dressing. I especially liked how the tops didn’t have any buttons. Colours inside the clothes made them easier to get on”. Sporting the shirt on the day, we named it after her, Imogen Jersey Shirt. Imogen Jersey Shirt > 

Frankie (pictured second from right)

Frankie came to the photoshoot with her husband and has one dog. She has recently got very into gardening and also art, with one piece even being displayed at St Paul's Cathedral! She wore the printed shirt and straight leg trousers. Frankie suffered encephalitis in 2008 causing memory difficulties and seizures due to brain injury. She said she “would recommend the clothing to people at the Headway Centre” she attends “as many of them have had a stroke and have weakness in their arms or legs which the clothes would help with being lovely and easy to get into”. Frankie has the trousers named after her, Frankie Straight Leg Trousers. Frankie Straight Leg Trousers >


We are looking forward to catching up with a few of the lovely ladies this year! Keep an eye out for more chats...

The Able Label Team x

March 03, 2021


Su Sukumaran said:

great blog, it brought back some lovely memories. Well done Katie and team!

Jacqueline said:

What wonderful stories and clothes :)

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