Today is World Arthritis Day. With arthritis being the biggest cause of pain and disability in the UK – we support World Arthritis Day 2017 in raising awareness of arthritis.

Arthritis affects over 10 million people in the UK alone. It usually causes stiffness, pain and fatigue. The severity varies from person to person, and even from day to day.  Half of those with arthritis say the worst aspect is the pain. This pain is often invisible, and its effects can go unnoticed. 

This is one of the main reasons why diagnosis can be delayed or even not diagnosed at all. World Arthritis Day is focusing on early diagnosis this year with their ‘don’t delay, connect today’ campaign. 

Early diagnosis is key to preventing further damage. It is therefore important to know the symptoms and to contact a healthcare professional if you have concerns. Daily activities are affected if not treated appropriately. This can lead to peoples' quality of life and physical abilities being affected.

How can The Able Label help? 

Our range of stylish, discreetly adapted clothes mean the amount of effort needed to get dressed independently is minimised. You can find out more about The Able Label on our About Us pages >>> and in our What Makes Us Special blog >>> 

Also, it is important to note that with diagnosis of arthritis, you could be eligible for VAT exception on our clothing. Find out more about this on our VAT Exemption page >>>

Stella Top - Easier dressing explained in a diagram

October 12, 2017

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