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The Able Label gift vouchers are a great way to give an exciting yet practical present without the worry of not getting the right item! With vouchers in paper form, they could not be simpler to order and use. We will post the gift voucher to either you or a lucky recipient who then just needs to reference the long number on the back when placing an order online or via the telephone.

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VAT and Delivery FAQ

Am I eligible for VAT exemption?

As per HMRC wording, “people with a disability, chronic or terminal illness” can be VAT exempt.

Can I claim VAT exemption on behalf of someone else?

Yes if they are eligible for VAT exemption. Please note the items must be for the own ‘personal and domestic use’ of the disabled individual.

What do I need to claim VAT exemption?

We need written confirmation of your name, your address and the nature of your disability and/or chronic or terminal illness.

Do I need a doctor's note to claim VAT relief?  

No, a doctor's note is not necessary to claim VAT relief.

How do I claim VAT exemption?
Which items are VAT exempt?

All products with a VAT exempt options are available for purchase with VAT exemption. These are items that have been specifically designed to make dressing easier.

I’m from outside the UK- can I claim VAT relief?

All orders outside of the UK are automatically zero rated, meaning you won’t need to apply for VAT relief.