Parkinson's Shop By Need Guide

Our Shop By Need guides are here to help you grow in confidence and overcome dressing difficulties.

We know that living with Parkinson’s can make day to day tasks more difficult, but we believe that a little extra support can go a long way to improve your quality of life. Our Shop By Need Guide is full of tips and information for greater confidence and independence throughout your daily living. Feel free to contact us for further information. On that note, let's delve into our Parkinson's Shop By Need Guide!

The inspiration behind The Able Label

The Able Label was founded by Katie, following her grandmother's diagnosis of Parkinson's when she found that getting dressing became increasingly difficult. Our beautiful clothes have been inspired by Katie's grandmother and her desire to maintaining her unique style and dressing independence.

The Able Label clothes have two key rules: no overhead dressing and no fiddly fastenings

Katie Ellis - Founder

Dressing Tips & Guide

Before we discover our dressing tools and adaptive clothing recommendations, here are a few tips to keep in mind when dressing:

- Take your time. Hurrying can lead to stress, which can make symptoms worse

- Consider waiting for a time to dress when your medications are working well and your mobility is at its best

- Do a few stretching exercises to warm up muscles

- Sit down when dressing. Choose a chair with firm support and arms. Sitting on the edge of the bed can lead to loss of balance

In our clothing range for men and women, we've included discrete adaptations to transform lives, give back confidence, provide dignity and help to maintain independence.

Discover more about our clothing for Parkinson's and our top tips for easier dressing in the blog post below:

Tap through the tabs to discover our collections of curated clothing and items, designed to make self-dressing and assisted-dressing easier and safer

My husband has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's and found it difficult to walk on the wooden floors in our house. Seeing your Alan socks, I bought a pair for him to try and to our delight he's far more confident now he has the grip given by the soles. I've just ordered 4 more pairs!
— Ann R - Customer
Finding The Able Label was amazing. To actually be able to wear comfortable, fashionable, clothing which is easy to get on and off, and saves us both a lot of time. It has definitely been a factor that has improved our quality of life having to live every day with Parkinson’s.
— Russ & Charlotte from Parkinson's Concierge

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