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Our Shop By Need guides are here to help you grow in confidence and overcome dressing difficulties.

The inspiration behind The Able Label

The Able Label was founded by Katie after her grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson's and dressing became increasingly difficult for her. Our beautiful clothes have been inspired by Katie's grandmother and are specifically designed to make dressing easier, considering things like stiffness, slowness of movement and shakes.

The Able Label clothes have two key rules: no overhead dressing and no fiddly fastenings

Katie Ellis - Founder

My husband has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's and found it difficult to walk on the wooden floors in our house. Seeing your Alan socks, I bought a pair for him to try and to our delight he's far more confident now he has the grip given by the soles. I've just ordered 4 more pairs!
— Ann R - Customer
Finding The Able Label was amazing. To actually be able to wear comfortable, fashionable, clothing which is easy to get on and off, and saves us both a lot of time. It has definitely been a factor that has improved our quality of life having to live every day with Parkinson’s.
— Russ & Charlotte from Parkinson's Concierge

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The Able Label Loves

We're here to help you grow in confidence to overcome dressing difficulties. Below are a selection of other amazing inclusive businesses we love that have created adaptive products and tools to help simplify your daily routine.


Hotter Shoes - Hotter understand that people come in different shapes and sizes, and that’s why their shoes do too with over 40 width and size combinations to give you the perfect fit.


Kohl Creatives - an inclusive beauty brand specialising in stylish makeup tools. Their signature Flex Collection comprises of five free-standing brushes with easy-grip handles, and fully bendable heads to allow for greater precision and comfort when applying makeup.

Guide Beauty - created by makeup artist and beauty educator Terri Bryant, Guide Beauty reimagines makeup and applicators to make it easier for everybody to get the looks we love.


Complete Care Shop - a one-stop shop for plenty of caring essentials, Complete Care Shop have the tools to make doing your hair easier with long handled brushes and combs as well as a hairdryer stand so you can dry your hair hands free.

Additional resources

Parkinson's UK is a fantastic charity and further resource for those living with or caring for those with Parkinson's. There are many things you can do to maintain and improve your quality of life so read their guides full of support and advice over on their website.

If you'd like to chat with someone directly, call their Helpline: 0808 800 0303

The Parkinson’s UK helpline is a free and confidential service providing support to anyone affected by Parkinson’s.

Or email
Emails answered within 5 working days

Text relay: 18001 0808 800 0303
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