Take a look at our list of useful external sources, collated from a range of charities, businesses' and professionals. These are here to offer support, guidance and advise to those living with various conditions and also for loved ones and carers. 


  • Parkinson's Concierge - A non-profit business and community to help offer support to help make your Parkinson’s life journey an easier one.
  • Parkinson's UK - A UK charity working to change attitudes of Parkinson's, providing support and raising awareness and funds for working towards a cure. They have extensive support and information as well as a strong online community you can join.
  • Parkinson's UK- find support near you > From local advisers, to group meetings and exercise classes near you.
  • Cure Parkinson's - A UK charity with the goal of discovering a cure for Parkinson's.
  • The NHS - Living With Parkinsons - From symptoms to diagnosis and treatment, the NHS offer helpful advise for living with Parkinson's.

Alzheimers & Dementia 

  • The Alzheimer's Society - Raises vital funds to help those living with dementia to have the best possible quality of life and offer extensive support and advise to all affected.
  • The NHS - Living With Alzheimer's - The most common type of dementia, the NHS offer helpful advise for living with Alzheimer's.
  • Dementia UK - A charity offering specialist Dementia support and information on how to help raise funds including their campaign 'make time for a cuppa'. They offer a daily helpline for support and advise.
  • Alzheimer's Research UK - The UK's leading dementia research charity. Their mission is to power research for dementia and to bring about life changing dementia treatment. 
  • ElWell - Dementia Articles  - A variety of useful articles including; sensory stimulation, activities and personal stories. 


  • Arthritis Action - UK charity offering practical help to fight symptoms of arthritis via self management and lifestyle advise. They can help to offer a network of healthcare professionals through a their membership available.
  • Versus Arthritis - 'Pushing back against Arthritis' A strong community of researchers, healthcare professionals and those living with arthritis, united with the ambition to fight arthritis.
  • Age UK - Arthritis Info & Advise - Answering key questions and queries of those living with Arthritis.
  • The NHS - Living with Arthritis - More than 10 million people in the UK living with arthritis or similar conditions. 

Assisted Care 

  • Carers UK - Guidance for carers, help and advise available including via their helpline. Join for guide to caring, support from other carers and the latest news. 
  • Carers Trust - Raising awareness of unpaid carers in the UK, creating real change for unpaid carers throughout the UK. 
  • ElWell - Information and advise for those supporting parents as they get older.
  • Lifted Care Community - Join the Lifted Care community if you are looking for a friendly safe place to ask for ideas, support or a chat!
  • Age UK - Care and Support - Help with discovering the type of care and support you may need. 

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