Did you know that October is British Wool Month? From the 3rd to the 30th October, brands, farmers and consumers celebrate all things woolly, sharing the amazing benefits of this fibre as well as the importance of supporting our British wool farmers.

Britain is one of the largest wool producers in the world, creating around 70,000 tonnes of wool per year. This all comes from the 34 million sheep that reside in the British Isles and the 45,000 sheep farmers who shear and auction the wool.

Wool isn’t a fast fibre, it’s a slow production and goes through at least ten processes from shearing, grading and auction, plus a few more steps before spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing. Fast production in fashion is a huge sustainability issue. Faster production means more clothes and clothing waste created. So we make an effort to source as much of our materials domestically as possible and only produce to meet demand.

There are always improvements to be made, but we’re proud to celebrate British-made fashion and below are a few reasons we love using wool in our products and some woolly highlights from our collection for autumn and winter this year!

Why wool?

As a fully natural fibre, wool comes with a number of benefits. When it comes to fabric choice, materials which are warm and breathe well are at the top of our list for the winter collection. For those with mobility issues or conditions which can be worsened by cold weather, the ability to easily and comfortably keep warm is hugely important. Wool is known for being a highly breathable fabric with excellent temperature regulation.

It stays warm and keeps you dry even when it becomes wet as it naturally absorbs as well as repels water to keep the wearer as dry as possible. It has a high warmth to weight ratio, meaning wool clothing can be lighter and easy to layer, while naturally being soft on the skin.

Our woolly picks!

Blanche knitted ponchos

Women wearing a navy knitted poncho and five knitted ponchos tied together with a white ribbon

A staple in our autumn and winter collections, we love knitted roll neck ponchos as they’re sleeveless for easy dressing while looking effortlessly stylish. Available in six colours, it has a beautiful cable knit design and is made from warm materials of wool and mohair.

Shop Blanche cable knit ponchos

Marilyn wool blend coat

Two women in our Marilyn wool blend coats, one in the navy coat and one in the grey coat

Available in navy and grey, our Marilyn coat is a timeless, elegant style with raglan sleeves and a slippery lining for easily putting on and taking off. Plus it fastens with discreet VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners with button details for display only. Proudly made in Britain, it’s created from a wool blend fabric to keep you lovely and warm.

Shop Marilyn coat in navy

Shop Marilyn Coat in grey

Maeve wool blend coat

Woman in a camel coloured, neutral wool blend coat

This warm wool rich smart A-line coat similarly fastenings with VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners but has buttons for display. The stylish collared coat keeps the cold off your neck and the pockets are practical, keeping your hands warm too.

Shop Maeve wool blend coat

Non-slip socks & knitted mittens

Woman and man wearing grey knitted socks with purple non-slip grip and then an image of navy knitted mittens

Our chunky knitted socks are super soft and warm with a wool blend yarn while the non-slip grip sole makes them safer to wear around the home. Available for both men and women, these warm socks are an essential for winter.

A pair of soft wool knitted mittens with fluffy yarn lining are also a must for this season! Mittens are ideal for keeping hands and fingers warm, while their open design make them much easier to slip on and off hands compared to gloves.

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October 19, 2022

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