Alzheimer's Shop By Need Guide

Our Shop By Need guides are here to help you grow in confidence and overcome dressing difficulties.

We know the importance of being able to dress on your own. Here at The Able Label, we believe in empowering people, such as those with Alzheimer's and potential dressing difficulties, to still enjoy and love fashion.

We're proud to work very closely with Alzheimer’s Society and we develop our new adaptive ranges alongside them, speaking to individuals with Alzheimer's as well as those caring for them. In this Alzheimer's Shop By Need Guide you'll find dressing tips, resources, clothing collections and more to help you grow in dressing confidence.

How to support a person with dementia with getting dressed

For those living with Alzheimer's, daily dressing can sometimes be a task that leaves them feeling frustrated and anxious. The way we dress is a means of showing our personality and staying positive, which makes the clothes we choose to wear incredibly important. We’ve created a dressing guide with advice for easier assisted dressing and self dressing.

Below are a few tips, specifically around assisted dressing to help you get started:

Look for easy care fabrics
These clothes are machine washable and do not need ironing. This saves time with washing and putting away clothes and ensure longevity of pieces they love and are familiar with.

Place labels on drawers where types of clothing are kept
If the person is able to dress themselves, labels on drawers or by storing whole outfits together will help them to find outfits more easily. If using labels, using pictures and words may be clearer than words alone to ensure the message is clear.

Provide a chair to sit down while dressing
Choose a chair with firm support and avoid sitting on the edge of the bed as that can lead to loss of balance.

Create a dressing routine which is simple
Lay out clothes on a non-patterned background in the order they will put them on.

Discover more about our clothing for those with Dementia and our top tips for easier dressing in the blog post below:

Our collections of curated clothing and items, designed to make self-dressing and assisted-dressing easier and safer

"I bought this for my Dad's 98th birthday. When he opened it, he was delighted and exclaimed, "It's an illusion!" He loves the fact that he can now "button" his own shirts, rather than have someone do it for him."
— Sheila S
"Just wanted to say massive thank you for the great products which we have been using with our elderly mum for the past few years. She has been able to enjoy the pretty clothes oblivious to their clever design for people with mobility needs."
— Pat, shops for her elderly mother, from Leicester
"It is so nice to see someone has actually considered dressing when designing a clothing range. I ordered three vests and the quality is gorgeous!"
— Mrs Harris, aged 84, from Reading

Additional Resources & Support