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Welcome to our Shop By Need Guide for Parkinson's Patients

Parkinson’s disease (PD) can make day to day tasks more difficult to perform. Symptoms such as tremor or dyskinesia (involuntary, erratic, writhing movements of the face, arms, legs or trunk) ― can slow down the process of getting dressed and we're here to help make dressing and clothing simpler.

In this Parkinson's Shop By Need guide, discover tips on what type of clothes to look our for when shopping for adaptive clothing, our recommended pieces for both men and women to help make self-dressing and assisted dressing easier as well as other resources to help build your "getting ready" or "unready" routine with confidence.

Before we dive into our dressing tools and adaptive clothing recommendations. Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind when getting dressed:
- Take your time. Hurrying can lead to stress, which can make symptoms worse
- Consider waiting for a time to dress when your medications are working well and you have the best mobility possible
- Do a few stretching exercises before getting dressed to warm up muscles
- If one arm or leg has more stiffness, put this limb into the sleeve or pant leg first
- Sit down when dressing. Choose a chair with firm support and arms. Sitting on the edge of the bed to dress can lead to loss of balance and falling

Meet the inspiration behind The Able Label

The Able Label was founded by Katie after her grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson's and dressing became increasingly difficult for her. Our beautiful clothes have been inspired by Katie's grandmother and are specifically designed to make dressing easier, considering things like stiffness, slowness of movement and shakes.

Find out more about how Katie's grandmother inspired The Able Label by tapping the link below.

Tips for easier dressing for those with Parkinson's

Style is very personal and shouldn't be compromised if you might struggle with putting on and taking off clothing.

Adaptive clothing can help to manage and overcome a variety of dressing difficulties including cognitive ability, balance and strength.

In our clothing range, we've included discrete adaptations to transform lives, give back confidence, provide dignity and help to maintain independence.

Tap through the tabs below to shop our collections of curated clothing and items, designed to make self-dressing and assisted-dressing easier and safer

Bestsellers from our Parkinson's Womenswear

Bestsellers from our Parkinson's Adaptive Womenswear

From front-fastening and velcro bras to skirts and pull on trousers, we have a fantastic collection of women's clothes for Parkinson's patients. Plus a gorgeous collection of knits and cosy loungewear for the winter months ahead.

Bestsellers from our Parkinson's Menswear
Dressing Aids

Dressing Aids

Our clothing is adapted to make dressing easier, but sometimes we need a few helping tools for other tasks those with Parkinson's might struggle with.

Clothing for Carers & Assisted Dressing

Clothing for Care

Carers do the most incredible job, whether as a professional or caring for loved ones. The Able Label clothing is selected and designed entirely to help to ease the process of dressing and this often includes assisted dressing.

We have selected a range of both womenswear and menswear items featuring clever adaptive designs which we believe carers can hugely benefit from.


The Able Label Loves

We're here to help you grow in confidence to overcome dressing difficulties. Below are a selection of other amazing inclusive businesses we love that have created adaptive products and tools to help simplify your daily routine.


Hotter Shoes - Hotter understand that people come in different shapes and sizes, and that’s why their shoes do too with over 40 width and size combinations to give you the perfect fit.


Kohl Creatives - an inclusive beauty brand specialising in stylish makeup tools. Their signature Flex Collection comprises of five free-standing brushes with easy-grip handles, and fully bendable heads to allow for greater precision and comfort when applying makeup.

Guide Beauty - created by makeup artist and beauty educator Terri Bryant, Guide Beauty reimagines makeup and applicators to make it easier for everybody to get the looks we love.


Complete Care Shop - a one-stop shop for plenty of caring essentials, Complete Care Shop have the tools to make doing your hair easier with long handled brushes and combs as well as a hairdryer stand so you can dry your hair hands free.


VAT Exemption

We do our best to keep prices on par with high street fashion brands without compromising on quality. However if you've been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, you can most likely shop VAT free across our store, making your fashion purchases even more affordable.

As all of our clothing has been specifically designed to make dressing easier, we've managed to secure VAT exemption on our product range. This means that anyone with a longterm disability or chronic illness can shop our products 20% off.

Find out more about VAT Exempt Shopping.


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