We are extremely fortunate to partner with three incredible charities whose values and missions align perfectly with ours. We're all about enabling and empowering those with mobility or dressing issues so they can gain a little more independence and grow in dressing confidence. These charities provide amazing support to many of our customers and we're proud to support their valuable work.

So, with today being International Day of Charity, we cannot think of a better time to introduce them to you:

Arthritis Action

This UK charity takes a comprehensive approach to help individuals manage the physical and mental health symptoms of living with arthritis. Last year, they achieved remarkable milestones, including organising 125 group meetings and events, providing telephone support to thousands of people, and reaching over 200,000 individuals through their website. They even had their first-ever BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal!

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Alzheimer's Society

As the largest collective force in the UK dedicated to tackling the challenges faced by those with dementia, Alzheimer's Society brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience. They run a support call line, online community groups and are currently funding multiple research projects all over the country.

For example, one project at the University of Bath aims to investigate how to clear toxic amyloid protein from the brain in Alzheimer's disease. Another project, led by Dr. Teresa Niccoli at University College London, focuses on understanding the effects of the diabetes type 2 drug Metformin on models of Alzheimer's disease.

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Stroke Association

At the Stroke Association, their belief is that everyone deserves the opportunity to rebuild their life after a stroke. They provide essential support, fund critical research, and advocate for the best care and assistance for stroke survivors.

In addition to offering emotional and communicational support to hundreds of thousands of individuals across the UK, they also fund significant research projects nationwide. For instance, they support Professor Antonio Belli and the GHoSt team at the University of Birmingham in their development of a lateral flow test for strokes. They are also backing Margarita Saranti in her project to make artificial intelligence work for stroke rehabilitation.

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We are honoured to work alongside these remarkable charities, and together, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by arthritis, dementia, and stroke.

September 05, 2023

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