Ponte Roma Fabric

We love Ponte Roma, but why and what is it even?

Ponte Roma is a medium weight jersey fabric. The weight makes anything made in ponte versatile enough to wear across seasons. You could buy now and wear now in the cooler months but also wear later when the weather turns warmer as well.

We are huge fans of ponte as it has an elastic quality. This makes anything made in this fabric easier to get on and off as well as extremely comfortable to wear. Perfect!

It is also a very flattering fabric. The fabric does not cling to the body like some jerseys. It is far firmer meaning it holds its shape

This quality in ponte also means that it is very good at resisting creasing. Bonus!

It is easy to wear and durable, perfect for everyday being a cosy and soft fabric that drapes beautifully yet holds its shape fantastically.

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January 20, 2018

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