Our story

About The Able Label

Beautiful clothing, made adaptive.

The Able Label is much more than just another timeless fashion, adaptive clothing brand. We design our clothes with people at the centre of everything we do. We want people to be happier and confident by wearing and dressing in The Able Label clothes.

Whilst all our products are designed to be affordable, stylish and comfortable to wear, we have two other clear design goals. No overhead dressing and no fiddly zippers. This is so everyone, including those who struggle with self dressing and assisted dressing can wear The Able Label.

Meet Katie

Our founder's story

Before The Able Label, I worked in the retail world as a fashion buyer at White Stuff. This was until two key things happened in my life.

The first was my grandmother being diagnosed with Parkinson's. As a very close family, this hit us hard and we wanted to do everything we could to support her in keeping her independence for as long as possible.

It was with this and after my grandmother explained to me how she hated my granpa having to help her dress - feeling as if she'd lost her dignity, that I got to thinking, "there has to be something out there to help women with dressing difficulties who still want to maintain their style and identity". There wasn't.

The solution

Katie looked for a solution but all she found was a gaping hole in the fashion world for adaptive clothing.

Katie decided to step up and bridge the gap between function and fashion. To give back independence as well as build the self-confidence of those who face the emotional, physical and cognitive challenge of dressing everyday. The Able Label was born in 2014 and made stylish, beautiful clothing accessible and adaptive.

And now nearly eight years after we started, and bolstered with four generations of love woven into the fabric of The Able Label, this family run business continues to grow not just here in the UK, but across The USA, Europe and Asia.

Our core collection of womenswear has expanded to offer menswear, outerwear and seasonal pieces and we can't wait to offer even more as we grow.

With wearers and carers always in mind, our products' main focus will be to make assisted and self-dressing quicker, easier and safer.

What makes our clothes special

The quality fabrics, discreet adaptive designs, innovative fastenings and hidden extras make dressing easier for those who may suffer from restricted movement or lack of finger dexterity.

The design of the garments has also taken carers' requirements into account so assisted dressing is quicker, easier and safer. The aim of our clothes are that they aren't obviously adapted. Using velcro and decorative fastenings, when our clothes are worn, no one would know they were adapted... it's our secret!