Joanna Lumley

"Many congratulations to Katie for this range of easy to get into clothes which are stylish and attractive and which I hope will become the mainstay of many wardrobes."

Joanna Lumley

caryn franklin

"Everyone deserves to look & feel their best, and so I'm thrilled to recommend The Able Label to you. I've spent a lifetime in fashion campaigning for more inclusivity & portrayal of diversity and am delighted to know Katie and her work. The knowledge and attention to detail she invests in this considerate design offer is exemplary." 

Caryn Franklin M.B.E - British fashion commentator and Professor of Diverse Selfhood

"I have just received my delivery and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I cannot shop in stores any longer and rely on online or catalogues. My experience in the past had been very hit and miss. However, I saw your display at Hospice in the Weald on Saturday and felt the quality of your clothes and the stylish designs. I immediately came home and put an order in. Everything I put on has won praise and comments from family and friends and it is so comfortable. You exceeded my expectations but also made me feel a bit more 'normal' and therefore happy. I had got into a rut. Thank you so much for smartening me up!"

Sally, has breast cancer, from Tunbridge Wells

"The order received safely. I was highly delighted with the shirts, as they fitted comfortably and there was no long confrontation with buttons! I shall certainly await the next collection with interest."

Sheila, has arthritis, from Glenmorgan

"Many thanks for getting back to me so promptly and nice to see I could get the order VAT exempted. Also very pleased that I can return free as I am not sure of my mother in law's size in coats, she has lost a lot of weight but I always like to size up with coats. She cannot manage buttons or zips so do hope this is the solution. Great service, thank you."

Maire, carer, from Norwich

"Neurologically, messages are sent making my legs, in particular, feel as if they've had a bad case of sunburn. Your materials are beautifully soft and gentle, making them delightful to wear with no irritation at all. I like to be able to purchase long skirts, as well as trousers, as I wear Callipers and also am permanently in a wheelchair. Therefore, I only wear long clothing to cover my legs - tops, too, of course!"

Jennifer, has MS, from Camberley

"Just wanted to say massive thank you to your company for the great products which we have been using with our elderly mum for the past few years. She has been able to enjoy the pretty clothes oblivious to their clever design for people with mobility needs. Mum was recently in hospital and the staff there were mightily impressed with the nighties and the ease with which they were able to change her clothes."

Pat, shops for her elderly mother, from Leicester

"I love my new outfit! I'm wearing white vest and printed Imogen Shirt today. I find them so comfy to wear. They're easy to get at when e.g. taking blood. I've got 8 fractures in my vertebrae and it causes tummy to stick out. The design of the shirt hides the tummy and flatters. I'm thrilled. They're very attractive and my daughters really like them too"

Alison, has osteoporosis, osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis, from New Romney

"I just wanted to tell you that I am very satisfied with the bed socks I ordered from the NOS catalogue recently. They keep my feet warm as expected, but I appreciate them especially because they are the only bed socks I have ever had that stay on all night. No more searching at the far end under the duvet in the small hours! Highly recommended, and thanks for your wise choice of stock."

Philippa, has osteoporosis, from Birmingham

"Thank you so much for your reply - I must confess that going on experiences with other online companies, I wasn't expecting an answer at all, let alone such a swift and helpful one! A front fastening bra in my size and preferred colour and at a reasonable price - in clothing terms, sheer bliss!

I was very pleased with both the fit and the quality of everything I saw last week, which gives me confidence to by online in the future. So far, I have worn the Charlie Check Shirt and one of the shorter sleeved blouses and they are very good. I mentioned when we arrived that I found the popper fastened bra a tad difficult to do up. Having now worn it for a second time, I am pleased to report that it is much easier having got used to it and I no longer consider it to be harder than the VELCRO®."

Frances Aubrey, has ruhmatoid arthritis, from Lydd

"Thanks so much for returning the trousers. They are so much better with the small piece taken off the length. They are so comfortable and now I can much more easily reach the zip to use it for what it was meant for. I am now thrilled with the trousers and they get a big thumbs up from me! I also want to commend the seamstress for her very fine and delicate work. Thanks again"

Kathy, has MS, from Dunton Green

"Received my order yesterday thank you. Beautifully made clothes in the softest feeling material and all well made. I am wearing the Claudia Jersey top today. The Lilly knitted cape is so pretty."

Irene, has arthritis and a retired trained nurse (SRN), from Stoke-on-Trent

"I received my coat this morning and am delighted with it. It’s a perfect fit (apart from too long sleeves which I expected as I always have this) and the VELCRO® is firm without being too fierce- thank you so much!)"

Janet, has rheumatoid arthritis, from Hitchin

"I heard of you through The Lady magazine and my brother bought a skirt from you for my mother for Christmas. I must say the skirt is of a beautiful quality and I have not even needed to iron it for her which is a big plus for me! One of my mother's carers commented how easy it was to put on so thanks to you for providing such clothes. May you have much success with your business."

Helen, shops for her mother, from Herefordshire

"I wanted to let you know how impressed with my order I was. The service was very prompt and the quality is excellent. It is nice to see someone doing this type of clothing which is easier to dress but also looks lovely too. I shall spread the word to the group I attend."

Kate, has MS, from Plymouth

"In the words of my son, "they're spot on!" I've bought the vest in both colours and tabatha tee in both colours. The length on them is perfect as I have a slight curve in my back but they don't pull up at all. As soon as you have more colours in the tabatha tee, let me know! You don't realise what a difference your clothes make, thank you."

Marilyn, has fibromyalgia, from Truro

"I was so grateful for the teams help and am very pleased with all the clothes I ordered. The advice to discuss V.A.T exemption with my doctor will prove invaluable."

Maureen, has arthritis, West Midlands

"I have big problems putting clothes over my head so The Able Label is ideal. The clothes have VELCRO® down the front instead of buttons so you don't have to put it on over the head. The customer service is brilliant and very helpful as well."

Fibromyalgia Magazine reader

"Thank you so much for sending me your beautiful catalogue! I will be taking this out with me to show lead physios I work with to make them aware of your company. Congratulations on such a lovely range of clothes."

Clare, Clinical Massage Therapist, from Matfield

"I love the blouse it was perfect for taking away with me, we travelled light and had to use different washing machines and detergents wherever we stayed. It still looked good after being washed and packed many times during our month long travels."

Sarah, has arthritis, from Tunbridge Wells

"Thank you for the parcel - it arrived really quickly! I'm loving the shirt - easy to put on and manages to be almost PJ level comfort whilst looking smart."

Hannah, has Ehlers Danlos Syndrone, from Oxon

"I have worn the trousers and shirt a couple of times now... Very comfortable! Also, because the shirt doesn't have cuffs and is slightly stretchy, I can wear them with ease over my splints even with the sleeves down. No more having to roll them up, or discomfort from them being too tight!"

Helen, has rheumatoid arthritis, from Devon

"It is so nice to see someone has actually considered dressing when designing a clothing range. I ordered three vests and the quality is gorgeous! My son who is visiting even commented saying how beautiful they looked. No longer will I need to cut myself out of vests as these front fasten with VELCRO®."

Mrs Harris, aged 84, from Reading

"I was very surprised by the range, it is easier to dress but actually looks stylish as well. They are pretty yet practical and there is nothing else like this around."

Su, had a stroke 24 years ago, from London

"I think the clothes are brilliant! The designs are wonderful and perfect for anyone who has difficulty dressing. I especially like how the tops don't have any buttons to fasten! They are easy to put on and stress-free. I have already told everyone at my Headways group about them."

Imogen, had a brain hemorrhage at 19, from London

"I can't always raise my arms up or bend down so the wrap-over top and trousers are my favourite items. With the styles velcro'd, they are easy to wear."

Debbie, has rheumatoid arthritis, from London

"Very easy to use. My favourite items are the wrap around dress and top being comfortable and easy to wear."

Linda, has osteoarthritis, from Deal

"Having seen the garments I believe they offer good value for money, durability and are sensitive to client needs."

Charlie, a physiotherapist, from Kent

"I would recommend The Able Label clothing to my patients with functional restrictions due to their neurological impairments, as the clothing is stylish, comfortable, high quality, good value for money and enable independence."

Michelle, an occupational therapist, from London

"The Able Label clothes can be worn by everyone not just those with a disability."

Liz, an occupational therapist, from Oxford