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Grow in dressing confidence with The Able Label

What makes our clothing special?

Our adapted clothing for men and women uses touch close fastenings to make dressing easier. We use quality fabrics which are made to last and create adaptive designs to avoid overhead dressing.

customer reviews
I have worn the trousers and shirt a couple of times now... Very comfortable! Also, because the shirt doesn't have cuffs and is slightly stretchy, I can wear them with ease over my splints even with the sleeves down. No more having to roll them up, or discomfort from them being too tight!
— Helen, has rheumatoid arthritis, from Devon
Received my order yesterday thank you. Beautifully made clothes in the softest feeling material and all well made. I am wearing the Claudia Jersey top today. The Lilly knitted cape is so pretty.
— Irene, has arthritis and a retired trained nurse (SRN), from Stoke-on-Trent
The order received safely. I was highly delighted with the shirts, as they fitted comfortably and there was no long confrontation with buttons! I shall certainly await the next collection with interest."
— Sheila, has arthritis, from Glenmorgan
I would recommend The Able Label clothing to my patients with functional restrictions due to their neurological impairments, as the clothing is stylish, comfortable, high quality, good value for money and enables independence.
— Michelle, an occupational therapist, from London
I have big problems putting clothes over my head so The Able Label is ideal. The clothes have velcro down the front instead of buttons so you don't have to put it on over the head. The customer service is brilliant and very helpful as well.
— Fibromyalgia Magazine reader
I love the blouse it was perfect for taking away with me, we travelled light and had to use different washing machines and detergents wherever we stayed. It still looked good after being washed and packed many times during our month long travels.
— Sarah, has arthritis, from Tunbridge Wells