Our Lovely Ladies From The Start: Catch-up with Su

This week we have been lucky to have a quick catch up with Su, an incredible NHS doctor and all-round fabulous lady from our original photoshoot. 

Following a stroke over 20 years ago, Su's left side was affected, resulting in a fixed flexion in her elbow limiting use of her left arm, meaning dressing is with one hand.

At The Able Label we are aware that adaptive clothing can really make a big difference to people with reduced hand and arm use or dexterity by avoiding tricky fastenings and uncomfortable overhead dressing!

From the original collection, Su particularly loved the full opening jersey wrap dress with VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners in gingko print navy. She commented on how comfortable the clothes were on and how they were “pretty yet practical”. There was no doubt that we had to name the wrap dresses after her!

Su is pictured below second from left, wearing the Su Jersey Wrap Dress With VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners in dragon red, styled with a beautiful silk scarf for a pop of print. 

Now let's see how Su is getting on since the first photoshoot!  >

Hi Su!
Firstly, how have you been since we last saw you?

Since the last photo shoot we have moved from Central to West London - closer to our families and we get more space for the money, but I do miss living close to the West End! As an NHS doctor I’ve been busier than ever in spite of changing jobs, but I’ve survived thanks to brilliant colleagues. However both of those are easier than being mum to a teenager!

We’ve had some wonderful holidays – visited a pearl farm in Thailand, driven through the Rockies, and flown in a balloon over Aztec pyramids.

Travel and seeing family and friends around the world is the thing that I’ve missed most during Covid. 

Have you discovered any new hobbies or past-times?

Like many we’ve lost loved ones to Covid, but at least we’ve still got jobs and a home, and I’ve made wonderful new friends through volunteering.

Since we last saw you, has your style changed or adapted in any way?
Age brings new aches and pains, not to mention post-menopausal lumps and bumps to hide. So wrap dresses and shirtdresses are a wardrobe staple, and I’m always on the lookout for layering pieces like ponchos and gilets. 


Su is wearing the Kim knitted gilet with a beautiful floral top layered underneath. Shop our range of cardigans and wraps for easy yet stylish layering. 

Thank you so much Su for taking time to catch-up with us and for all of your amazing work as a doctor and volunteer! We hope that you can experience another well-deserved holiday very soon.


Keep an eye out for more catch-ups with our lovely VIP ladies in the coming weeks.

The Able Label Team x

June 23, 2021

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