Our Lovely Ladies From The Start: Catch-up with Debbie

This week we are catching up with Debbie, another of our fabulous ladies from the first photoshoot seen second from right above! 

As an arts and crafts enthusiast, Debbie has lived with Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of twelve, yet she has not let the condition get in her way.

When it comes to clothing, arthritis can make overhead dressing and bending down into clothes uncomfortable. From the original Able Label collection, Debbie was particularly drawn to the fully opening Linda jersey wrap tops with VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners as “they open and close easily with VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners and are easy to wear” with no overhead dressing.

After seeing how confident Debbie looked and felt in the wrap around skirts we just simply had to name these after her. The extremely comfortable Debbie wrap skirts have been a brand favourite ever since. Browse Debbie skirts >

Debbie is pictured on the left below, wearing the Debbie Gingko Skirt.

Now time for our catch up  >

Hi Debbie!

Firstly, tell us how you are?
Thank you, I’ve kept well during the past year of the pandemic, though I do get a bit stiff if I don’t keep moving!

How have you found the past year and lockdown life? Have you discovered any new hobbies or past-times?
This past year has been very different for me as I was made redundant in March 2020 and was also required to shield for several months.

Although, I did have time for hobbies I hadn’t had time for while working – making greetings cards, online short courses and webinars, creating a herb garden on the balcony, oh, and I did buy a lightweight exercise bike as I felt my legs getting stiff from the lack of exercise. I also spent quite a bit of time Whatsapping my friends!

You have been busy!

Have any other aspects of your life changed since we saw you back in 2016?
The redundancy has meant that I’ve had a very different routine (or lack of routine), but I have benefited from the change in lifestyle. My hair has also grown long during lockdown, but I quite like it!

We love the new do!

Has your style changed or adapted in any way?
My top half is possibly a bit bigger but legs have stayed relatively slim, so I have adapted my style to suit.

What is currently your go-to and favourite item/s of clothing?
I still like wearing tight jeans with a more loose-fitting top as my favourite casual wear (and I’ve stayed casual all year!)

It's definitely been a casual kind of year!

Have you any adaptive clothing and how can/ have they changed your life?
My hands can get stiff, so anything that you can simply pull on makes dressing easier, rather than zips. The Jersey Linda top I have is lovely and soft and the VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners make it really easy to wear.

What would you like to see more of in adaptive fashion ranges?

I think clothes that are comfortable and that you can look good in are important whether young, old or in between.

Clothing that covers your neck so that it keeps warm and also hides any wrinkly lines! I think clothes that are comfortable and that you can look good in are important, whether young, old or in between.

We couldn't agree more!

Favourite item in the updated The Able Label range? How would you style this? 

The Kirsty super stretch VELCRO® Brand Fastening / Fasteners fly jean is probably most ‘me’ because it’s the kind of thing I wear a lot. 

I would style The Lori luxury knitted wrap as quite trendy and very practical to keep you warm. (The video showing how to put it on was brilliant! – as were the other videos too). Some of the photos were taken early evening and I didn't need a jacket as the wrap was enough to keep me warm, it was really cosy!


What are you most looking forward to post lockdown?

Going out and meeting people again face-to-face. :)

I’ve enjoyed looking at your site and it’ll be great to follow up on what we did in 2016. You certainly have a lot of new clothing now, from when we modelled your first items in 2016 – well done! – thank you for inviting me to take part. 

Thank you so much Debbie for taking time to catch-up with us, we hope that the herb garden is flourishing and that you get to spend plenty of time with friends and family post-lockdown!


Keep an eye out for more catch-ups with our lovely VIP ladies in the coming weeks.

The Able Label Team x

June 08, 2021

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