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Su jersey wrap dress in navy - velcro closures


Here at The Able Label, we are in full swing for Christmas.


Get yourself ready for the party season. What ever the occasion, whether it be lunch/dinner out or a work Christmas party, we have the dress for you - Su Jersey Wrap Dress.


This is not any ordinary dress though, it has been specifically designed to make dressing into and out of it easier. The wrap style can be fully opened meaning no more difficult or painful overhead dressing! Raglan sleeves also make it easier to manoeuvre your way into arm holes.


Available in three colours - dragon red, shibori navy and gingko print navy, we feel the dragon red is the perfect option for the festive season in the rich red shade.


They come in a wide range of sizes from 8-22.


There is also a top version of this wrap style available - Linda Jersey Wrap Top.




Complete the look with some head turning jewellery. To wear with the Su Jersey Wrap Dress in Dragon Red, we recommend the Sandra Pearl Drop Magnetic Necklace also in Dragon Red. Being magnetic, it is easier to fasten meaning no more fiddly clasps to battle! Please be reminded though that magnetic jewellery cannot be worn if you have a pacemaker.

More colours and details on the Su Jersey Wrap Dress can be found at online at The Able Label website. You can also find more easy dress jewellery on there too on the accessories pages.


We hope you find the perfect dress this festive season which is functional and fashionable.

World stroke day promotion logo


World Stroke Day 2015

Today is World Stroke Day 2015, which aims to emphasise the serious nature and high rates of stroke. It also aims to raise awareness of the prevention and treatment of the condition, and ensure better care and support for survivors.

Stroke is the second leading cause of death in those over 60 years of age and the third leading cause of disability-adjusted life years worldwide.

There are many organisations focusing on different themes today however we have chosen to flag the World Stroke Organizations campaign. It resonates with us as we focus our efforts on providing clothing for women post-stroke, who may now find dressing more difficult as a result of the stroke’s impact on their physical and/or cogitative skills.


‘I am Woman’

The theme for the World Stroke Organization’s World Stroke Day 2015 is ‘I am Woman’. The campaign focuses on women because a woman is: 

  • more at risk of having a stroke.
  • more likely to die from a stroke than a man.
  • less likely to receive acute care and rehabilitation than a man, even though she responds equally well to treatment.
  • more likely to experience a severe decline in cognitive function, and runs a higher risk of post-stroke depression and instutionalisation.
  • more likely than men to experience hypertension, atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat), diabetes, depression and obesity, all of which increase stroke risk.
  • more likely to take on the caregiving role.


Stroke affects women, stroke affects everyone

There are certain strokes, which are more specific to women with the risk of stroke increased by pregnancy related diabetes, use of the birth control pill and hormonal changes.

The World Stroke Organization’s main aim for the day is to encourage women to make healthier lifestyle choices and get a health check. 


The Able Label Stroke Clothing

Strokes can make daily life more difficult. In particular, dressing can become a struggle. The Able Label specialises in providing quality, comfy, stylish clothing that is all easier to dress. Velcro fastening, wrap around styles and nothing dressed over the head all aid physical difficulties faced when dressing. In addition, we also provide help for the cognitive difficulties that may be faced after a stroke. All styles have colour co-ordinated internals to help prevent items being dressed incorrectly or the wrong way around. Lime is for left and red is for right.

Su wearing The Able Label's 'Su Jersey Wrap Dress'

The Verdict

Su is lives in London and is twenty-four years post stroke. The stroke affected her left side resulting in a fixed flexion in her elbow limiting use of her left arm meaning dressing is with one hand.

Su has tried the clothing and in particular, loved the wrap dress in gingko print navy. She loved it so much, that we decided to name the dress after her. 

She commented on how comfortable the clothes were on and how they were “pretty yet practical”.



More Information

Get involved and help share information about stroke prevention to help avoid preventable stroke and cardiovascular disease.

To find out more about stroke and World Stroke Day, visit World Stroke Organization’s website:


For further information on The Able Label clothing which aims to support survivors by encouraging independence and self-esteem, visit: