The Able Label ~ Our small independent business has now been up and running for just over 5 years.

With a lot of hard work and determination, we have been fortunate to have built an extremely supportive customer base and seen great success as an independent retailer.

We wanted to introduce the team to give you an idea of what has been achieved thanks to your support and the exciting changes which are yet to come ~

Family Run Business 

The Able Label is a small independent retailer, currently made up of a team of just three ~ Owner Katie, Mum Val and Assistant Felicity.

Working across all areas of the business means that every day is different, but we all love the close interaction with our customers and seeing the business grow and develop!

We have recently welcomed a new addition to the team~ 4 month old baby Eva, Owner Katie's firstborn. Although Eva sleeps most of the day, she is a lovely distraction and maybe one day will be helping out with the brand!

Launch & Products

Beginning with extensive customer and market research, Owner Katie launched a small selection of adaptive womenswear items. The first photoshoot actually took place at the family home, with the help of a few lovely volunteer models with different disabilities. Each of the ladies were able to trial and test the products to ensure they were wearable and easier to dress!

Since then, The Able Label has received very positive customer feedback and gone onto introduce a greater range of products to suit all.

Our main unique feature of the range is the adaptive fastenings and specifically selected designs to make self and assisted dressing that little bit easier!

We are always open to new range development suggestions and we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch at > 

Menswear Introduced

From such a great response to Womenswear, we continued to receive customer requests for menswear. Wanting to cater adaptive clothing for all, a small trial range of Menswear was launched at the end of 2019.

Since then, Menswear has taken off positively and we are currently in the process of expanding the range. Keep an eye out for smart new additions!

Working with Charities

As an adaptive clothing brand, working alongside charities and professionals has always been a key focus of ours. By continuously working close, we are able to share useful information and gain an understanding of our consumers, whilst further helping charities to continue their amazing work where we can through donations and awareness.

    Looking Into The Future

    As always, we are motivated to continue providing high quality easy to dress styles which you, our lovely customers have grown to know and love from the Able Label. 

    We would like to finish by thanking you all for your continued support, especially through this particularly turbulent year! 

    The Able Label Team x


    July 31, 2020


    Maxeen Millington said:

    I guess I have known your products for most of your business life. I enjoy seeing new ideas and although I am not disabled I have most aged related pains etc. so when lock down is over I will be looking at the winter range.
    Best Wishes, Maxeen.

    SASKIA SCOTT said:

    I have had a few of your womens’ range,mainly for my 80yr old mum aswell as a few things for myself,but I am so excited that you have started a range for men.I intend to get some for the guys in the family.Thank you all and keep up with all the excellent hard work you are very appreciated appreciated.Also can you let me know when you are reeasing your Autumn/Winter ranges please. Thank you and stay cvid free/safe.

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